Sunday, February 10, 2013

In Bed With The President Of Ghana?

Sunday, February 10, 2013: International gay lobbyist Andrew Solomon has called on President John Mahama to take a lead role in promoting gay and lesbian's rights in the West African sub-region. Solomon says the mere fact that there is a national debate on gays and lesbian rights in Ghana, "even if the debate is to have gays lynched," is progress. The lobbyists remarks appeared in an article in The New York Times, Friday. The article made reference to the raging debate on homosexuality in Ghana; his (Solomon's) relationship with president John Mahama and how it all began, including the recent denial and quick u-turn of the Information and Media Relations Minister Mahama Ayariga on the relationship between President John Mahama and Andrew Solomon. According to him the president personally called to apologize to him, a day after his minister had put out an obviously incorrect information. He denied ever raising funds for John Mahama's campaign in the 2012 elections as well as paying an amount of $20,000 to purchase the president's book. Solomon also denied categorically that he was desperately pushing for Nana Oye Lithur to be appointed as Minister, just so she could champion gay rights in Ghana. He said he has no such power to meddle in the foreign affairs of another country adding "The only way I may have influenced him on gay rights was by welcoming him into the household of a joyful family with two dads. It is deeply unsettling to be implicated in a national scandal, to know that my attempts to be kind and helpful to someone would become his millstone."

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